viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

2013/02/08 Avocets

I've been taking a walk trought the Park, but today's birdwatching hasn't been so successful as on others days.It´s been a windy and freezing day, so birds were hidden and there were few species to sight. Even so, I'll try to talk about them.
To start with, I'd underline that, on San Lorenzo lagoon, there were quite a few Curlews, four Avocets, some resting Grey Herons on the little island with a lonely Spoonbill. There were few Greenshanks and Redshanks as well. And, as every day, Teals were the kings of the place.

Kurlinta Handia, Abozetak, Zertzeta Arrunta
Zarapito Real, Avocetas, Cerceta Común
Curlew, Avocets and a Teal 

Near the airport there was a heavy swell and I only saw a courageous Great Northern Diver and a valiant Black-necked Grebe. (Those photos were taken some days before, under better whather conditions).

Aliota Haundia - Colimbo Grande - Great Northern Diver

Txilinporta Lepabeltza - Zampullín Cuellinegro - Black-necked Grebe

In the area of Itzaberri marsh there was a Brent Goose swimming between lots of Gadwalls and a pair of Redshanks looking for food.

Kuliska Zuriak - Archibebes Claros - Redshanks

There were five Tufted Ducks on the freshwater lagoon. I could distinguish a male between them. It is black and white while females are basically brown. On the same lagoon there were three Pochards. Those and the former are diver ducks that dive once and again looking for food.
Before leaving the Park I could sight a Snipe. Its long beak was hidden under its wings traying to keep warm itself.

Istingor Arrunta - Agachadiza Común - Snipe